Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BRILLIANT...MUST READ...Alan Keyes lays out the case for IMPEACHMENT...

Mr. Sowell's impeachable critique of impeachment

By Alan Keyes

It caught my attention this week, when I read a column in which my friend, the deservedly much esteemed thinker Mr. Thomas Sowell, writes, that both John Boehner's lawsuit and Sarah Palin's call for impeachment look like "playing Mickey Mouse politics during an election year." To support this view, he refers to the fact that Americans "have to worry – and worry big time – if Republicans blow their chances of taking control of the Senate."

Mr. Sowell bases his epithetical criticism of the demand for impeachment ("Mickey Mouse politics") on the possibility that "Republicans blow their chances of taking control of the Senate." He implies that seriously broaching the impeachment issue will produce that adverse outcome. But in the effort to justify that implication, he assumes that the impeachment/trial process would be completed before the November election takes place ("leaving the Republicans with egg on their faces").

This assumption only makes sense if a) the GOP leadership purposely mishandles things by treating the impeachment process without respect for the gravity and extent of the Obama faction's offenses against the Constitution; and/or b) it purposely follows a scenario that prevents the American people from using the November elections as an opportunity to alter the composition of the Congress with impeachment in mind.

Mr. Sowell's assertion that the impeachment issue will adversely affect the election also ignores the fact that the elitist GOP leadership's feckless response to Obama's lawless actions is already turning off conservative voters. Because conservatives loath Obama's efforts to abrogate and overthrow the Constitution, they also loath the GOP's failure seriously to call him to account for his crimes against the Constitution and sovereignty of the people of the United States. Such disaffection is likely to affect turnout among precisely the voters GOP candidates must galvanize in order to win election/re-election this fall.

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