Saturday, November 29, 2014

If America doesn't wake up soon, when it does, it will realize that our children have inherited our stupidity. After all, stupid is what stupid sees and mimicks. If we want our nation back, then we'd better start mimicking the patriots who won this land from the British and built it5 into the greatest nation on Earth but decided apathy was easier than the struggle that would be necessary to keep this nation independently free and liberty both strong and pure. Because if we don't begin protecting our newborn Americans and protect the elderly whose sweat equity built America, all that will be left is the half million survivors of a dying world, wondering where all the people went.

The people the Global Money Barons Don't Want...from
babies to grandmothers and sick people in between. Those the government is killing at both ends of the age corridor.

Once you have all the money in the world, there are two things you don't want. First, you don't want a crowded world that encourages territorial strife and war; and second, you want a sufficient abundance of natural resources, food stuffs and all of the material things that the wealthy expect as their due. The Rockefeller clan, from John D. Rockefeller, Sr. in the 1880s to his grandson David in the 1960s, believed the world was rapidly becoming so overpopulated that people would soon decimate all of Earth's natural resources leaving a barren, desolate planet due to man destroying his ecosystem. You've been seeing Hollywood's stock movie flicks about the doomsday catastrophies of man caused by man destroying his ecosystem beginning with the 1951 movie promoting the United Nations in "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and the Charlton Heston flicks "Planet of the Apes" [1968] where war was the culprit destroying the planet; and a double dose of movies like "Solyent Green" [1973] and the 2011 TV miniseries "Terra Nova." Where "Planet of the Apes" dealt with humans destroying mankind through war, "Solyent Green" and "Terra Nova" dealt with industrial and man-made pollutants destroying the planet. Mixed in was a whole cistern of celluloid, including icee-cracking"The Day After Tomorrow" which is notable only because the movie's producer allowed Al Gore, Jr. to use its made-up footage from the movie to convince its audience (who had not yet seen "The Day After Tomorrow" movies like that global warming was causing the Arctic ice to melt and the Antarctic ice shelf to begin breaking apart. Preceded or followed by movies like "Catagory 6.5," Catagory 7," "Day of Destruction," and "10.5 Apocalypse" as well as a myriad of nickel and dime movies that blame man for the weather that is caused exclusively by the solar cycles of our sun that create both global warming and cooling that Al Gore and and the eco-thieves blame on man and flatulating cows.
When Gore brought "An Inconvenient Truth" to England and tried to show it to school children, the British high court would not allow the film to be shown in England without an explicit disclaimer denouncing the movie as lacking in fact. Inconveniently, Gore's Hollywood production, like the movies you watch on the silver screen (even those which are touted as factual biographies of both conservative and liberal politicians) are pretty much made up. Movies about former presidents are scripted to make conservatives like Ronald Reagan look bad and greedy tyrants like John Adams, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and, of course, Barack Obama, look like what they weren't—honest men.

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