Wednesday, November 26, 2014


What should Wilson not have done?
Posted By Jack Cashill  11/26/2014 

If you find yourself at dinner this Thanksgiving Day with family members bemoaning the murder of Michael Brown – the 300-pound thug attorney Benjamin Crump called that “little black boy” – ask them what Officer Darren Wilson should not have done.

Remember, you will have an advantage over them. You will have examined the evidence and read the transcript of Wilson’s grand jury testimony. They will mostly just have watched CNN or NBC or CBS.
They are the loudmouths hassling the waitress. You’re the Kung Fu master at the end of the bar. For the sake of your sweet old mom who hates controversy, dismember them gently.

Wilson found himself in that admittedly dangerous neighborhood by himself because he was responding to a call from a frantic mother with a sick infant only a few months old. Should he not have taken that call?

As Wilson drove down Canfield he saw two men, one very large with a marijuana symbol on his socks, walking down the middle of the street obstructing traffic. Should Wilson not have rolled down his window and said, “Why don’t you guys walk on the sidewalk?”

When the two men, Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson, ignored his request, and the large one, Brown, answered, “F— what you have to say,” should Wilson not have paid a little more attention to him?
When Wilson realized that Brown matched the description of the fellow who had just robbed cigarillos from a nearby market on West Florissant and assaulted the clerk, and that in fact he was openly carrying the cigarillos, should Wilson, wary of profiling young black men, not have called for backup?
And while he was waiting, should Wilson not have parked his car at an angle his car to keep Brown and Johnson contained?

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