Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From the internet...80% of Americans have pretty much figured out he's not an American.

Most of the black people voted for his color not the man, I use that term loosely because he's definitely not a "man." Not real sure what he is except that he's not one of us, never has been, never will be.

He was groomed and passed off as a man of character with wonderful ideas, shame when he said "fundamental transformation of America" was the only time he didn't lie and it's even worse when over half of America fell for a smooth talking con-man who has used and abused all Americans, no hyphen, just Americans because black people have suffered just as badly or worse, as the whites or Hispanics.

He's not a man Of God, he is Satan's favored Son. Only Father God can stop this and there are too many Satanists around so we'd better be strong in our beliefs and our Faith that Father God steps in soon. God Bless all and in this trying time, I pray for strength in our Faith, never lose Faith and never give up.

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