Friday, November 14, 2014

The American people understand that Obama’s foreign policy is a mass disaster which endangers our security. Perhaps he should stand up and apologize to us.

Should Obama Apologize for His Failed Foreign Policy?

The defining moment when many Americans decided that President Obama couldn’t be trusted to protect our national security came last August.  Obama had just announced on television the beheading of American journalist James Foley, a former writer for Stars and Stripes.  The president immediately climbed into a golf cart, where he was photographed – for all the world to gaze upon – with a simpering grin on his face. 
The electoral rout of the Democrats was not singularly based on foreign policy, although polls by the Obama-worshiping New York Times reveal that a substantial majority of Americans see the president’s foreign policy as incompetent.  Obama said that his policies were on the ballot, but he did not repeat that after the ballots were counted.

The president’s disdain for the feelings of Americans who had just witnessed on television the brutal murder of a fellow citizen was no isolated gaffe.  Obama had sent Eric Holder – the most dishonest attorney general since John Mitchell – to Ferguson, Missouri to help Al Sharpton, the administration’s favored pastor, gin up election-eve racial discord.  The White House sent no representative to the memorial service for Foley in Washington, D.C.

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