Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Immigration and The American Dream
Much of American pop music was created by foreign born immigrants or their progeny and I considered what, in my view, was the motivation for their creativity. It was gratitude and pride in being allowed the privilege of living in a free country. No yokes around their necks and the opportunity for unrestricted advancement through merit.
Living conditions were not so attractive that one could describe all about America was peaches and cream; but opportunity was there for anyone to seize by personal effort.
Now look at today. Something is different. Yes, conditions have vastly improved, but do we appreciate it? If we don't...why? Opportunity and rewards still exist but do people in general take advantage of it? The very obvious answer is NO!
In those earlier days everyone worked whatever hours and jobs were necessary to improve their lot. Parents had nothing to offer their progeny so they had to earn their way ahead. Whatever gains they made were treasured. No task was beneath them if it meant improvement in living conditions or advancement in "society." A better life for themselves and their family. Their fathers were often artisans (tradesmen) who earned a meager living in their home country as bricklayers, stonemasons, or even menial labor such as field hands. They were determined to earn a better life for themselves. They aspired to family life...a wife and children, but they yearned to provide an improved lifestyle over what they had known.
Today we have a self indulgent society.  We have a government that is determined to destroy the American way of life, and we have families with no value system at all...and we must ask ourselves why. I think it may be because we are not first or second generation immigrants anymore. We, or our progeny, are American born and we ACCEPT what is available without having to EARN it anymore. It's no longer viewed as a PRIVILEGE to live here...its become a RIGHT without cost. Everybody must share the benefits even if they are not entitled. Wow! Where have I heard that word before?
Why is this so? Cut to the chase. Two major elements have caused the shift in our attitude about Americanism. A ton of details are closeted in the two elements and they are volatile and need to be exposed, but for now the simpler identification is that parents have abrogated their responsibility for raising their children to be patriotic and faithful to the precepts upon which America was founded. They have allowed their globalist agenda-minded government to assume their role as mentors and to lead our youth, like the Pied Piper, to a fate worse than death. They are being brainwashed to scorn America and its values.  Parents who fit that category, and they are a large segment in today's society, must wake up before it's too late.
Then too we are being invaded by people who don't want to be American, they just want what America has to offer. We hear the phrase 'illegal immigrant' often and although the noun does mean a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country, I suspect that to legal immigrants and native born Americans immigrant means a legitimate entrant whose desire is to be an American in the constitutional sense...and the adjective illegal means forbidden by law. They cannot be juxtaposed in our American lexicon.
Our government is encouraging and abetting this activity and the only reason being that they want to further adulterate the American way of life. Most countries have some type of dictatorial government and their living standards and the rights of the people don't compare with the United States of America . They consist of two disproportionate layers of citizenry. A very thin layer of ruling class whose standard of living is extraordinarily palatial and mostly hidden from view, and the majority population who exist at a most abject level of misery.
A perfect example of this is Cuban dictator Fidel Castro who is always seen in public in army fatigues but who lives on a secluded two mile long tropical island paradise called Caya Piedra in absolute luxury while the population struggle for even the most basic needs. He is only one of a long list of tyrants who control the lives of an enormous number of poor people on this globe. It can happen in America and there is a very determined effort to make it so. Sticking our heads in the sand doesn't make it go away - it actually makes our rear ends very vulnerable.
The 2014 mid-term election result will accomplish very little to be satisfied about. Both parties are playing games with the citizenry. They are in league about globalization but present a different front for their constituencies. Party politics is the current evil in America and it must change. It's time to wake up!


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