Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trump is Right and is Now Turning to the Real Issue – What is a ‘Natural Born Citizen?’

Donald Trump
Trump has been right in bringing up Obama’s eligibility/natural born citizen issue, the ‘birther’ issue.  No one else (at this point in time) has the clout or the guts to tackle it. No other politician or ethical reporter will cover this issue in any depth because the Political Correctness (PC) police have been out in full force intimidating all who might dare to raise any questions. They’ve been very successful too. That’s why ‘birther’ is the name everyone associates with it; and why most associate the meaning the name implies – not born in Hawaii. No independent thought necessary! However, it is an issue that needs to be addressed, if for no other reason that we have military men and women fighting around the world at Obama’s beck and call. 

And the high stakes game, it appears will have a few more hands to play.

The issue with Obama’s eligibility (regardless of what the media is trying to lead you to believe) not only involves the place of his birth but also his conflicted allegiances vis-à-vis the citizenship of his father.

Unfortunately, there is no Supreme Court decision that I know of where the Court addresses the specific question (in a case where it is factually necessary to the facts and issue presented) of who can and can’t be a Natural Born Citizen, other than in the penumbra of discussions/historical presentations in cases involving ordinary and/or naturalized citizenship. 

However, the relevant writings/common understandings that were available to the Founders and the ones that have been suggested that the Founders relied, suggest (as stated by Prof. Solum in ‘Originalism and the Natural Born Citizen Clause’) that to be a natural born citizen requires being born in country to parents (2) who were citizens at the time of the person’s birth.

Further, the significance of the Constitutional provision containing both the terms ‘Citizen’ and ‘Natural Born Citizen’ clearly indicate there is a difference in meaning in the two.  This has been recognized in several cases and writings.  The reasons for inclusion of the Presidential eligibility restrictions are also recognized as being the need for and/or fear of a person becoming President who did not have complete/sole allegiance to the new nation. In your heart of hearts, do your perceptions of Obama’s actions and ideology validate the Founders' concerns?  For me, the answer seems obvious.

Did you see that Trump had a meeting with a group that included a Rep. from Arizona and gave out some homework?  In that meeting, Mr. Trump asked for information regarding the term "natural born citizen". Only the Donald can assign research as homework and not have to pay for it.  Once Donald Trump receives the information asked for, he will then be in a position to force the main street media's hand; and call them on their decision to cut the public out of considering the Obama eligibility issue in any meaningful, thoughtful way.

Simply labeling everyone asking questions ‘birthers’ is neither meaningful nor thoughtful.

Keep in mind that, Trump also has his mother's naturalized citizenship status as a possible springboard should he decide to file a suit for a Declaratory Judgment indicating he (Trump) is eligible. 

That’s an ace in the hole that only Trump has!

Get your Popcorn ready!  Trump has sent investigators to Hawaii and is collecting his assigned homework. There are more hands to play!

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