Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is out there again in full race-baiting mode.
Having failed to drum up support for Barack Obama in the form of racial hatred by playing the victim card in the infamous Tea Party “N-Word” incident that didn’t happen, the CBC is now promoting racial violence against the Tea Party.
Members of the CBC are traveling the country inciting racist hatred, telling audiences that the Tea Party “wants to lynch blacks.”

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  1. NO ONE in their right minds would ever believe the CBC---especially when it comes to such outlandish rhetoric! And, if the CBC were really for "blacks", why haven't they spoken out against the NLRB's lawsuit against Boeing in SC---where there is a large population of "blacks"? I imagine there were many blacks who looked forward to working at Boeing, and lifting themselves and their families out of poverty! However, not a word has been spoken by the CBC on this unconstitutional lawsuit!


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