Tuesday, May 1, 2012


FL State Attorney Angela Corey bypassed a grand jury for the Trayvon case, filing murder charges against defendant Zimmermann, probably illegally. Larry E Klayman, who is also the counsel for the Voeltz v Obama FL ballot challenge, is threatening to empanel a citizens’ grand jury to address this. 

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  1. I wish that Klayman was paying atttention when Federal Superior Court Judge David O. Carter completeley reversed himself when Orly Taits was pleading for the Court's intervention AND lawful porcedure in challenging akaOaama's eligibility. It still may not be too late to publisen transcripts of his words -- first hearing in complete accord with the plaintiff's pleadings and 5 weeks later, exactly the opposite plus some deogatory personal criticism of Dr. Taitz, Esq. The judiciary MUST be held accountable! When corruption is exposed, the miscreants should lose ALL wages and pensions and incur stiff fines.

  2. Its about time someone in the US showed some courage and stood up to the racists who claim they cant be racists. Its time the laws were actually upheld for both sides, not just one while the MSM hides it and lies about it with a straight face.

  3. Civil unrest is about to take place in this country.
    The Government is broke and can no longer afford to feed the people of this country.
    Homelessness is about to explode in this country at a pace not seen since the great depression.
    This nation is dead and is in a depression. Recession is a LIE!
    Store shelves are getting bare, and hungry people will be forced to commit crimes in order to eat.
    There are no jobs to be had.
    No one is hiring, many more companies plan to close their doors, such as Best Buy, Kmart, Sears and J.C. Penny to name a few.
    Mail delivery has slowed to a trickle. Even junk mail has pretty much stopped coming.
    Regular garbage pickup has ceased.

    This is what a usurper has done to this country.


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