Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Why Obama Must Go
J. R. Dunn

Barack Obama has governed not as a president in the way that we understand it -- a chief executive loaned vast powers for a brief period as representative of the people -- but as a caudillo, a charismatic figure, the leader of a movement, a third-world chieftain. More

The U.S. Election is a Referendum on Civilization
Daren Jonescu

The international landslide of support for Obama is a clue to what this U.S. election represents to that minority of us among foreigners who understand what anti-Americanism really means. More

Obama's Cold Heart
Karin McQuillan

Obama's personal coldness and arrogance are in complete contrast with his media image of the candidate who empathizes with ordinary people. President Obama wants to save the world. Actual people? Not so much. More

Who Is Barack Hussein Obama? And What Is He Really Up To?
J.T. Hatter

We are finally starting to realize who Barack Obama is -- on the day of the presidential election. The great wonder is how he got elected in the first place. More

Vote for Character, Not Color
Deane Waldman

I am white. I voted for Mr. Obama in 2007, but not because he is black. A black man is just as entitled to be a bad president as a white man, and that is what we got -- a bad president. More

Black Man Yells: Wake Up, White Obama Sympathizers!
Lloyd Marcus

So you are white. You voted for the first black president to prove that you are a good, progressive-thinking person. Ready to try something new yet? More

Obama's War on Women Backfires
Janice Shaw Crouse

The Obama campaign seriously underestimated women's intelligence and ability to think for themselves. Truth has a way of breaking through even amidst campaign smoke and mirrors. More

America's Real Choice
Christopher Chantrill

Have our seniors gone insane? Or is this election just going to be a matter of "give me what's mine"? More

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