Saturday, November 17, 2012


Obama vs. the Rule of Law
Jason Pappas

The very reason he advocates plundering the rich is the reason we must oppose it. We cannot allow a minority to be singled out and plundered at will whenever the president wants another "fiscal hit." More

An Angry Black Man
Lloyd Marcus

From idiot voters to blatant and uncontested vote fraud, there's plenty for a man to be angry about in the wake of Barack Obama's re-election. More

Nightmare on Election Street
Cindy Simpson

The worst is just before us; it's time to walk clear-eyed into the darkness. We will never give up. More

The Stark Ugly Truth
Marc Hitson

I am tired of all the blaming of Romney, the Republican Party, the TEA party, the 'radical right', the Christian vote, and us old white guys. You are missing the point: your voting process is hopelessly corrupted. More

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