Saturday, November 17, 2012

What we're really proposing here is a first audit of the election result, and regardless of outcome, its primary value is in reducing uncertainty. Right now, saying Obama cheated is about as credible as saying he didn't, so a positive result will go a long way to debunking various destructive conspiracy theories and thus contribute to the smooth functioning of American democracy. Conversely, a negative result will form a strong basis for multiple legal and political actions aimed at delegitimizing an illegitimate president. Bottom line? Knowing is better than not knowing. So who's got three million bucks?

Did Obama Cheat? How to Answer the Question
Paul Murphy

It's not easy -- or cheap -- but it can be done. More

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  1. Given that Republicans are in charge of elections in pretty much every state, saying Obama cheated is not equally credible to saying that he didn't.


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