Thursday, November 8, 2012


Obama's Election Seals Our Fate
Monty Pelerin
Obama had no viable economic plan for the last four years, and he is still without one. There has been no progress economically. Instead, we are $5 trillion worse off with nothing to show for it. More
They the People
Nidra Poller
Here comes the 21st-century inside-out version of the Know-nothings -- pro-immigrant and anti-American, anti-Christian and Islam-friendly, the Know-nothings welcome with open arms the cool trendy vanguard of totalitarian conquest. More
Voter Fraud Redefined
Matthew Vadum
For years now the left has been trying to muddy the waters by applying a far stricter definition of voter fraud, moving the semantic goalposts in order to define the problem out of existence. More
Romney's Loss and Geopolitics
Bill Schanefelt
After Midway, Japan's fate was sealed, as was Germany's after Stalingrad. Will Romney's defeat seal America's fate? More
A Fearless Prognosticator and His Track Record
Randall Hoven
I made 16 specific predictions for 2012 in early January, and I think we have enough information right now to see how well I've done. If you're wondering what I'm predicting right now, it's rather dark. More

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