Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plenty remains to be filled in and reconciled between these overlapping timelines. But the glaring omission to date is the timeline back in Washington for the commander-in-chief, the president himself.

Benghazi and the Missing Obama 9/11 Timeline
 Claudia Rosett   -- American Politics
Where exactly was President Obama during those seven hours, 5 PM till midnight in Washington, on Sept. 11?

All we have of the timeline for Obama himself during these events is that he met with the Secretary of Defense and a number of other senior officials at 5 PM, Sept. 11. He gave a somewhat odd statement in the Rose Garden at 10:35 the next morning. He then dropped by the State Department. And at 2:05 he left he left the White House for a campaign trip to Las Vegas. When do we see the rest of the President Obama 9/11 timeline?

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