Friday, November 9, 2012

Someone, please help with research that could lead to potential election challenges.

Can You Help Us Prove Obama Stole the Election?

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Can You Help Us Prove Obama Stole the Election?
Someone, please help with research that could lead to potential election challenges.
1.  See if there is correlation with Dem . Senate win and Obama win in state
2.  In states won by Obama, see what type of voting machines, ballot counters were used.
I believe of course there was major ballot stuffing, but we need to think big time.
I believe the results were flipped from Romney to Obama in the swing states.
At this point, we know Obama won only states with no voter ID laws.  We need to come up with other things that can be challenged in federal court.
The media and Google are ensuring you can’t find any voter fraud stories about the election right now.  they are collectively hiding something big.
Please do what you can and get back to me ASAP.
For God and The Republic, Pamela Barnett, Director, Obama State Ballot Challenge,
P. B.

We are seeking election fraud info, on things such as:

- Impeding military votes
- Discouraging or impeding registration
- Rigged voting machines
- Losing, stealing or destroying ballots
- Rigged vote counting
- Impersonation of registered voters
- Voting multiple times
- Ineligible voters- illegal or out of jurisdiction
- Voter intimidation
- Illegally invalidating voter ID or other laws
- Failure to enforce voting laws


  1. We know the election was rigged and whomever counted the voted had this all decided before we stepped into the ballot box. There will be no lamenting over Romney losing here. The man tried hard to cover up his horrible past and what he really is so let this idiot go and now start the effort to get Obama removed from office for Treason! This should have happened 4 years ago which tells you that many in the Congress and Judiciary (maybe the press/media too) should also be hauled out of office and put on trial for their complicity in covering up the horrible parts of the two worst candidates in American History!!! The people on this website have obviously done no vetting of Romney either. Shame on the whole bunch of them!

  2. I would never help you prove that the election was stolen by Obama, etc. IF it means putting Romney in office!!! They are both horrible evil candidates! Do your homework and stop being RNC Shills!!!


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