Friday, February 8, 2013

2012 Presidential Election Results are a joke!

Why did not a single newspaper reporter or TV journalist take five minutes to examine the 2008 Federal Election Commission election results report which Obama arrogantly posted on the White House website prior to my finding it there on Nov. 28, 2009 as a slap in the face to California attorney Orly Taitz? Taitz filed a Quo Warranto lawsuit against Obama, demanding to know by what authority he sat in the Oval Office (believing that would somehow make Obama produce his birth certificate)? By posting the FEC document, Obama was telling her, " winning the election." Had Obama, or anyone on the White House IT staff looked at the document they had posted, they would have noticed one glaring mistake. There were more votes than voters. Well, wait a minute—someone did. They simply "cut out" the mistake before posting the document. It was the blank box that should not have been blank that caught my attention and made me examine the document—and then go to the FEC website where I found the same document. Completely filled out. Line one on the White House website said: "Number of registered voters: 169 million. Number of registered voters who voted: BLANK. Percentage of registered voters who voted: 56.8%" If you know how many registered voters there are, and you know what percentage of those voters voted, you have to know how many registered voters voted since the percentage comes from the other two numbers. You can't have two of them without the third. Line one on the FEC document said: "Number of registered voters: 169 million. Number of registered voters who voted: 96.992 million. Percentage of registered voters who voted: 56.8% The bottom line on both the FEC document and the White House document told the whole story: "Number of votes counted: 132,618,580." There were 35,626,580 more votes than voters.
Although the government is constitutionally required to post those numbers, the FEC document did not end up in the public domain anywhere where I could find it. It took me about 12 hours to find most of the information. The only stat I did not find was the number of registered voters. That aside, various leftwing websites, bragging about Obama's second "win," provided me with the rest of it. Percentage of registered voters who voted: 57.7%. Number of registered voters who voted: 90,682,968. Number of votes counted: 126,985,809. In 2012, there were 36,302,651 too many votes. Don't forget, this time around, the Obama-ites stole about 6 million votes from registered Republicans by early-voting them, that needs to be added to the vote spread, so the vote theft in 2012 was somewhere around 42,500,000. Obama was credited with winning 61,173,739 votes to Romney's 58,167,260 votes. Ignoring the stolen "GOP election day voter" votes by someone early voting their names, the totals tell us that Barack Obama didn't really win 61,173,739 votes in 2012, he only won 24,871,088 votes—or 8,959,229 votes less than he actually won in 2008 (which totaled 33,830,317 votes). If you could correct the totals by giving the stolen votes back to the registered GOP voters in the battleground states who complained someone early voted them, Romney's total in 2012 would not be 58,167,260 votes—it would have been closer to 64,167,260 votes. Even without deducting the voting machine theft which was rampant throughout the United States, Mitt Romney would have been the 45th President of the United States. Or rather, he should have been. If I could catch the theft in 12 hours, the FEC with the power to subpoena, could have had that information by the time their office opened on Wednesday morning. But sadly for America, Obama was controlling the head of the FEC..
Once again, if a simple blogger without a research staff or access to the Democratic or Republican Parties, or access to this data without a FOIA request, can uncover this information within 12 hours following each election, why didn't the leftwing mainstream media do its job and kick over a few moldy, social progressive rocks? The answer? Because a cabal of globalist, one-world, New World Order politicians, princes of industry and barons of banking and business with membership in the Trilateral Commission (which was formed in 1973 as an adjunct arm of the Council on Foreign Relations [founded in 1921]) to disarm the world and create world government had a Manchurian Candidate in the race, and to accomplish their objective, they needed him to win. Since the 25 largest newspapers in the United States, Reuters and the Associated Press are controlled by them, it's a safe bet the only rocks they would ever kick over would have been those the Trilateralists wanted kicked over—which was none of them.

by Jon Christian Ryter

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  1. Thank YOU Jon Christian Ryder! You've made a greatg revelation that I hope will not get lost in revisionist history. NOLW, what CAN be done to assure that we do not again have a repeat? It is clearly obvious that NOTHING will be done by the ALSO TOTALLY CORRUPT Republican Party. It is already promoting the political ambitions of TWO INeligible politicians -- Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio, for POTUS and Vice_POTUS. Neither of them is Constitutionally eligible as BOTH lack the qualification of NATURAL BORN Citizen. I've read that over 90% of the electorate is IGNORANT of our Constitution's requirement -- put there JUST to prevent THE possibility. the REASON, that America is now being destroyed by the imposter who has NO loyalty to his OATH of Office or the people of America..


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