Tuesday, July 8, 2014

COSTCO will have all their stores stocked with D'Souza's AMERICA in 6 to 10 days...

Last night I called Costco corporate headquarters and left a scathing message on former CEO and co-founder James Sinegal's voice-mail. I challenged him to call me back and get an earful from me.  Apparently the message was compelling...

Costco CEO and president Craig Jelinek called me this evening and explained that Costco screwed up when they sent back Dinesh D'Souza's book "America", the companion to the newly released blockbuster movie of the same name. He explained that the powers to be did not realize that the movie was coming out and a decision was made to return the books to the suppliers. Jelinek said that Costco doesn't play politics and they are in the business of making money. He explained that they routinely sell books representing a variety of political viewpoints. Jelinek said that Costco stores that have not yet returned the books are to put them back out for sale and he anticipates that all stores throughout the country will have the book in stock within 6 to 10 days.  Jelinek further indicated that there has been a tremendous interest in the book and demand for the book has been fueled by the success of the movie and of course the controversy whipped up by Jerome Corsi's article in WND.
Statement by Costco: 

Note: Mr. Jelinek was quick to point out that in addition to his predecessor, James Sinegal, Dr. Ben Carson is on Costco's Board of Directors. That was an encouraging piece of information. 


Jeffrey H. Brotman
Chairman of the Board
Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Sr.
Susan Decker
Daniel  J. Evans
Richard A. Galanti
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Director
William  H. Gates, Sr.
Hamilton E. James
Lead Independent Director
W. Craig Jelinek
President, CEO and Director
Richard M. Libenson
John W. Meisenbach
Charles T. Munger
Jeff Raikes
Jill S. Ruckelshaus
James D. Sinegal
Co-Founder and Director

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