Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And he's off! Obama jets out of the country without even saying a single word three hours after Steven Sotloff ISIS beheading video is made public

obama Barack Obama left for a three-day European swing Tuesday afternoon without saying a single word in response to a terrorist video showing the beheading of Steven Sotloff the second American journalist to die that way on camera. News of Sotloff's execution broke online at 1:05 pm as White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest prepared for his daily briefing with reporters. He said four minutes later that he hadn't heard the news. By 3:40pm, Obama was lifting off from the South Lawn of the White House on his way to a waiting Air Force One, which was 'wheels up' by 4:00pm (above). The president's departure came amid equally deafening swirls of helicopter rotors and tough questions about whether and when the U.S. will strike back in a meaningful and public way against ISIS.

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