Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Rev. Austin Miles Goes There; 
Obama Is Not An American; He Was Born In Kenya

Excerpt via Rev. Miles @ Renew America:

Obama's intention--no further elections! 
Obama is not an American. He was born in Kenya as Barry Soetoro and was raised Muslim. When he was confirmed as a Muslim, he, like everyone who follows that ideology, must take a Muslim name. In this case, he chose, Barack Hussein Obama. 
When he managed to become a State Senator after entering the U.S. as a Foreign Student, the newspapers in Kenya reported with glee: "Barack Hussein Obama, who was born right here in of us...has been elected as an Illinois State Senator in The United States." Wow! 
That newspaper had many other documents of Obama including his legitimate birth certificate which we found. Shortly after we did find it, they scrubbed it from the newspaper website. Too late. We saw it. 
From a young age he was GROOMED to be a major player in the Islamic world plus he had been groomed also to be a communist and when this campaign for him to be "president" of the U.S.A. began, he was sponsored by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) who would use him to be the final spike in the coffin of America. [...] Continued @ Renew America.

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