Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The Overlooked Truth about Citizenship, the Presidency and Rafael Cruz

Ted Cruz will be running for the office of President of the United State, -an office that is open to all American citizens who were born in America, or to all American citizens who were born of American parents, or either of those two, -or who was not one or the other but both! 
Which is it???

The answer determines whether or not Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindhal and Marco Rubio are constitutionally qualified to be the U.S. President.  The Constitution mandates that “No person, except a natural born citizen,…shall be eligible to the office of President…”

“NO PERSON” is clearly an exclusionary qualification, not inclusionary, so the authors were ordering that certain citizens were to not be allowed to serve as President.  In ignorant-land, the question is raised; “Does that include all citizens except naturalized citizens, or are other citizens excluded as well?
The correct answer will reveal who is and who is not eligible to be President.
Who also might be excluded?  There are five other possibilities, and they are:
  1. the foreign-born children of  immigrants who become naturalized citizens;
  2. the U.S. born children of foreign immigrants,
  3. the U.S. born children of non-immigrants,
  4. the foreign-born children of American couples, and
  5. the foreign-born children of only one American parent.
Each of those groups individually constitute a very small percentage of the people in the United States, and all together might make up maybe 5%.  If the Constitution excluded all of them, the numbers in today’s world would be significant, but the percentage would be almost insignificant.

But in the case of Ted Cruz, the circumstance of his birth situation puts him, like Barack Obama, in a category that is almost unique.  Are such unique situations allowed by the Constitution’s prohibition of “no persons, except…”?

One might suspect that if those two are proclaimed to be eligible, then everyone must be eligible except the naturalized citizens.  The reason that that is wrong has been explain in a couple hundred expositions that I’ve spent four years writing.  But the question about Ted Cruz still remains because his birth situation was different from all of the others, and that is because he is known to have been born outside of the U.S. borders.

That does not matter if both parents are Americans because natural American citizenship is passed down from generation to generation by right of descent, as was the case with John McCain and his Panamanian birth.  It didn’t matter where he was born because he was born of sovereign American citizens who possessed the unalienable right of their national membership being inherited by their progeny.
But that natural right is only possessed by American couples who form an American family, -not by a single American parent married to a foreigner, as was the case with Barack Obama and Ted Cruz.  They both had foreign fathers.

Those who don’t know these facts think that Ted Cruz, like Obama, if born outside of U.S. borders, cannot be eligible to be President.  They know that in that case the 14th Amendment would not apply to them since it requires native-birth to immigrant parents before mere “at birth” legal citizenship is bestowed to a child of aliens.

They also know that natural citizenship is only obtained from parents of the same nationality; “like produces like”, “same produces same”.  Dissimilar produces nothing natural since the fundamental principle of life is that male and female of the same origin produce off-spring of that same origin.  Elephants produce elephants and citizens produce citizens.

Elephants and rhinos do not produce anything, but if they did, it would not be a natural member of the groups to which the parents belong. It would be an unnatural hybrid, cross-breed, or half-blood.  The same principle applies in the political realm as in the natural realm, hence the addition of the word “natural” to the words “born citizen”.

That was necessary because there were and are two different kinds of born citizens; those who are nature-made & citizen-born, and those who are man-made, law-made & alien-born.  They are the citizen-children native-born of immigrants, or of a single American parent and a foreign parent.

So the framers’ of the Constitution, lead by General George Washington, choose to add the meaning of “natural” to the citizenship required of the President and Vice-President.  That excluded all hybrid, dual-citizen candidates who had a foreign father with a foreign allegiance, along with the naturalized and the native-born of aliens.

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