Thursday, March 19, 2015


America the Beleaguered

By Dave Macy -- Bio and Archives  March 19, 2015 

On any given day or night Americans who actually care about their country are reminded of how far from the founding principles America has been stretched. From scandals totaling in the high 20’s—many which emanate from the White House—to blatant disregard for the Rule of Law.

We have a president who coddles enemies and disparages allies and who embraces Islam; a political system masquerading as a religion. He shows his disdain for America by every executive action. How easy it is to press the imperial button when most of the media are willing accomplices and congress stumbles and cowers and allows the shredding to continue.
At any other time in the history of the United States, with any other president, impeachment would have been a footnote in history. The question cannot be avoided. Who will stand for truth? Who will stand for integrity?
Political pundits talk about fresh new faces for 2016, while some prepare for a third term of the present occupant in the White House. Meanwhile, our southern border looks like a Black Friday door opening at Wal-Mart as the greeters (border patrol) are trampled with those seeking government giveaways.
Terrorism continues throughout the world at increasing velocity while the administration plays war with sorties.  At every turn it appears this president is intent on aiding and abetting the enemy. And terror in the Homeland is carried out by the IRS, EPA, and the DOJ—all cheered on by a Democrat Party that lost its soul decades ago.
Who will stand against this tyranny? Not the 50% sucking mightily on the government teat. Not the Marxist sympathizer—liberals, progressives, socialists—who want to benefit from crushing the middle class until there is but the 10% at the top and the 90% at the bottom. Not many in a nation so distracted by March Madness, video games, and the hope of legalized marijuana. Not activist judges who legislate from the bench in a similar fashion to a rogue president who has a phone and a pen to try and will his agenda into reality. Not anyone in the present government more interested in holding onto power, money, sex, and every perk imaginable.
Who will stand for the constitution? Who desires to restore the Republic? Who will say ‘enough’ and push the pendulum back to sanity and lawfulness? We have reached this deep valley of despair because we have neglected God. We have embraced selfishness and greed. We have allowed small minorities to create a culture of hedonism. Too many of us sat back and gave up.
When tragedy strikes we hear politicians and talk hosts and talking heads say “Our thoughts and prayers are with you”. I don’t believe them, they are just empty, hollow and trite words.
If prayers were actually offered- if we thought about others more than ourselves, perhaps God’s favor would have been on us in spite of the horrible mistake we have in Washington. But I think we are just getting what we deserve—the “fruits” of self-righteousness and self-importance.
Who will stand? I will—but before I do I will be on my knees asking God for forgiveness.

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