Sunday, March 8, 2015

IMPEACH OBAMA RALLY...MARCH 7, 2015, SIMI VALLEY, CA - Join us in promoting impeach Obama protests on the first Saturday of every month across the Nation.

Monthly Protests – Impeach Obama NOW!

Join us in promoting impeach Obama protests on the first Saturday of every month across the Nation. The plan is to make the interest and excitement grow as more groups join, protests spring up and the movement explodes in cities and towns across America. A central directory of protests will be maintained here for the location and times of protests in different cities. It can be listed anonymously or a link can be posted for the group hosting the event. We need a long list of protest sites to generate interest. Please provide your info for listing.

Some considerations for the protest sites are the following:
– Friendly area to ensure positive feedback
– High visibility to passing traffic
– Busy intersections with a stop light for good interaction
– Ample parking for crowds expected
– Symbolic nature of the site is nice to have, near government buildings, monuments, etc.

To add a protest site to the list contact the admin using the “contact” tab at the top of the page (LINK)

You can start even with 1-2 people. Work with activist groups in your area to promote and organize the events. The protest can be an Overpass protest, a street protest or a rally. Keep in mind that we want at least some of these protests to “go big” and draw a large crowd of people. If you have that potential in your city the protest should be held in a place where it is convenient for a large crowd to assemble in a friendly, receptive area. If you live in a small town, having small protests in many such towns is also helpful to the cause. An overpass protest may not draw a large crowd, but may be a good option, if you are not expecting a large crowd to turn out.

This idea was proposed by the admin of the “Give Us Liberty” blog and accepted by an informal group of organizers, bloggers and activists. Anyone can participate in it. No one group owns the idea. It is meant to be a generic, organization-neutral event that everyone can join in and support. Make it your own event, but everyone is encouraged to do it on the same day. Please make photos and video for posting together on webpages afterwards in order to generate more publicity for the events.

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