Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monthly Protest – Impeach-Obama-NOW!

Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho Click photo to go to gallery
Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho
Click photo to go to gallery
Join us in promoting impeach Obama protests on the first Saturday of every month across the Nation. The plan is to make the interest and excitement grow as more groups join in, protests spring up and it increases in cities and towns across America.
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National Monthly Protest – Impeach Obama NOW – March 2015 (Video)

Number of protest sites scheduled.  Goal is 50.
Number of protest sites scheduled. Goal is 50.

These are photos and video of the first, national, monthly, Impeach Obama NOW! protests. The protests repeat on the first Saturday of every month in cities across America. If you would like to participate send a message to the admin of this page via the contact tab or just click here. Provide the time and location of your protest and it will be listed in the directory here. Any person and any group can participate. Participation can be anonymous or contact information of your group can be provided with any photos or video of your events posted on this blog.

Find a protest – First Saturday Protest Directory
The object is to have as many cities and towns participate as possible and to make the protests grow so large that they can no longer be ignored by the media and the politicians. The towns will contend with each other to see, who can produce the biggest and best Impeach Obama protest. This time, Victoria wins the honor with the best protest of the month. Next month, it could be your town!

March was the first protest. This time, seven towns participated and provided images and video below. Even, if you have a protest of one person, send us a photo. It will show that someone was there starting a protest and will encourage others to come next month. We encourage the formation of independent, local groups. Local organizers are free use this campaign to help build their local patriot group. Any like-minded group or individual can host one of these events and we will help you promote it and build your own group. A large, national movement to remove Obama must be based on many independent, local and national, patriot groups working together voluntarily.

This was the protest in Simi Valley, California, organized by:
Impeach Obama NOW – Simi Valley


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