Monday, November 29, 2010

Misprison of Treason

I invite you to read my posting " What We Must Do " an article that I am keeping at the top of the blog for a few days, so that it doesn't get buried among the numerous essays that are posted hourly here.

Every member of the 111th Congress of 2008,2009, that failed to question Obama's eligibility during the electoral college vote count in the Houses are complicit in this treasonous act against our country. If they should , --continue holding office, resign, retire or flee, there should be NO statute of limitations on their punishment or efforts to bring them to justice. The judges who have aided and abetted, whether they are currently sitting or not, will only escape us if they die before they can be brought before a true court of law. Many more will need to face prosecution. We should not limit our purview only to the federal system. It should cast a broad net to take in, the university professors, the upper military, the financiers, and the social justice folk that are apart of this, and all the 501c groups that Soros,Clinton Gore and Vachon and companyset up , right on down to the local mayors and sheriffs, who couldn't be bothered with this "nonsense". A full and complete determination of the extent and participants of the decades long plot to subvert America must be part of the cleansing.

Some say none of the subverted members of the 111th congress have spoken out because they know in their hearts, they have committed a crime against the vast majority of the People of this country.

Do I want to see a Michelle Bachmann go to jail for life? No, but if she doesn't have a come to Jesus moment, then she will deserve what she gets, just like the rest of the guilty scum she has thrown her lot in with.

We could extend an offer of immunity from prosecution in exchange for full cooperation to a select group of these politicos.But it must be for cooperation NOW, not some distant later.

Some we could grant amnesty with revocation of citizenship and/or deportation. For the guiltiest in these groups, life in prison or swift capital punishment should be their fate. High treason against  the People of this nation isn't a crime to be taken lightly.

I am very interested in your comments readers, frankly I am wondering if this website has some sort of denial of service interuption going on that is blocking you from accessing our comment section. Surely we are not playing to an audience of Obots these past 18 months. Surely you have something to say about today's news.

The time for fear of personal reprisal is over. It is time to stand up and be counted. You all know the reasons for our grievances, and you all are aware of the stakes that we have before us. It is time you stand your ground, by asking if not now, when? If not me, who? This issue isn't to be left to a special age group, sex, or economic class. None of us have asked to be the sacrificial lambs. It is time for all to take their chances, no matter what destiny holds  for each of us personally. It is time to think not of friends and familyand personal safety, but  of the country.This issue is for all, regardless of your status or station in life.

This isn't life as usual. Shopping at the mall for Christmas presents will not take this away. It is time to confront reality. You who can not be bothered, stop calling yourselves Americans immediately, you insult our heirs and are not fit to walk among us..

The time is at hand to choose to live free or die; or to choose to get down on your knees today  and spend the rest of your remaining  life licking the boots of your new world order master.

The fore fathers threw in their  fortunes, their lives and their sacred honor to stand against the same kind of evil we are being confronted with, and just as Franklin admonished them then, it is still valid today, We can hang together, or surely we will hang separately.



  1. We will have to see what comes of this issue with the US Supreme court now showing their hand for the world to see. No comments by the court, what a bunch of wimps. Wonder what they are so scared of in letting this bunch of crap continue with the so called president running our country into the ground?

    Something very strange is going on with our country. I have been educating myself concerning Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 since before Obama's election and it seems to me that there is a lot of "stuff" going on that no one can explain. There are many examples that you have posted on your website over the last year plus concerning Obama and his usurpation of the presidency.

    I am not sure what the solution is but we will find one soon because too many real Americans are starting to see what is happening to our country. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, the usurpation of the presidency, this is an American issue.

    This issue will not go away, period. The light of truth will show itself one day, one way or another. If our elected representatives, the courts, or the media does not address our concerns then one day they will all have to answer to the people that continue to make this country work and I am one of them. Time is not on their side concerning this issue. We The People of this great land are being pushed into a corner and one day we will find the truth one way or another.

    Likewise, all of those who have helped hide the truth from us will be dealt with accordingly come hell or high water.

    Wm Pugh

  2. "Every member of the 111th Congress ... judges ... university professors, the upper military, the financiers, and the social justice folk ... 501c groups ... local mayors and sheriffs ..."

    You forgot the voters. Sixty nine million of them, they need to be brought to justice for treason and hung by their disloyal necks.

  3. The unions, Acorn, others.

    The government employees, the police

    The war on drugs expecially the war on marijuana has prepared us to be sheep.


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