Sunday, November 28, 2010


Greetings everyone,
I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving. Some things should never change, that includes a get-together with family and friends for Thanksgiving.
This is a holiday weekend so I hadn’t planned much for this Sunday, however, the Internet is buzzing with news of Obama’s latest police-state action:
U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More
Now the gossip blogs are calling this the “Seizing of the Internet.” It is not that (yet) but it appears to be a start so Obama can get censorship on the Internet up and rolling. We have a police-state brewing over a the TSA, why not get Homeland Security’s ICE rocking too? Of all things, the ICE? — Note: the Democrats couldn’t get the “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act” (COICA) passed so Obama’s Justice Department just cranked up some warrants and seized close to 100 websites and growing. If you pirate music, videos or try to sell your mother on the Internet, look-out, the ICE is after you. Now remember ICE is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm of Homeland Security, part of the UNITED STATES FREAKING GOVERNMENT, under the direction of Marxist Leader, Barry the Muslim, Soetoro. They can’t catch any illegal Mexicans but they shine like rock stars when it comes to shutting down websites.
THIS IS ALL ABOUT HOLLYWOOD having Senators, Judges, and Presidents bought and paid for. I will let you in on something everyone else knows except Hollywood — Hollywood is a lost cause — if they think they are going to get people to buy videos or music when they don’t want to they are sadly mistaken.
The only bright side to this news is the fact that the Liberal Freaks are shitting bricks too. These once solid fans of “I love Obama” are taking to condemning the Usurper for shutting down some of their favorite torrent download sites. Gives me goose-bumps just thinking about Liberals attacking Obama. :-)
Read some of the comments on this website where the article is posted. It is entertaining to say the least:
Source: Torrent Freak

I should leave with a serious note; this is another police-state action by Obama. If he and his Czars can take down torrent websites with warrants (in direct violation of what Congress has refused legislation on) they can take down sites like American Grand Jury without blinking an eye. Remember when Obama and the Democrats said if you bring a knife to the fight they will bring a gun? That is exactly what is going on here. These people are evil, dangerous and without morals or integrity. They will do whatever it takes to bury this Country. When many of you finally realize this it will be too late. You will be bringing your guns to the party because there will be nothing left to bargain or negotiate with.
Tomorrow is new day.. GET READY, the Supreme Court is going to announce that they will not hear the Apuzzo case. This fix is in from what I hear — HOWEVER, my source could be lying through his teeth. Very sorry to burst your bubble — I really have a sick feeling about this whole thing, I waited till the last minutes to even say anything about it. I hope I am wrong.
Looking forward to tomorrow —
See Ya!
Bob Campbell
American Grand Jury

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