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November 30 declared Buy Israeli Goods day in US


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November 26, 2010

November 30 declared

Buy Israeli Goods day in US

11/24/2010 14:50

SAN FRANCISCO – Pro-Israel groups on Wednesday asked supporters to buy Israeli goods on November 30 to counter a boycott on the same day.

In response to the planned boycott against Ricky’s, a New York store that carries West Bank-made Ahava products, StandWithUs and the America-Israel Chambers of Commerce have declared November 30 to be Buy Israeli Goods day.

The two organizations are urging members of synagogues, schools, colleges and community groups to go to local stores and request Israeli-made products, particularly those targeted by boycotters.

In addition to the planned action against Ahava, which has its main factory in the West Bank, in Mitzpe Shalem, boycotters have lobbied stores such as Trader Joe’s and Costco to drop Israeli products.


As an idea you can go to and locate the Israeli Catalog online  to order something traditional online or you could kill two birds with one stone so to speak if you go by your local AR15 merchandiser and purchase a couple 30 round mags for your little black honey, made by Israeli defense contractor EMS, as I will do on the 30th.

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