Sunday, November 28, 2010

Roots of the Usurpation-1913

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Jekyll Island Club Postcard, GA
Almost 100 years later, the destructive events of 1913 have come to fruition as the excruciating moment we are living in the united States, and in the form of the direct usurpation of the White House by foreigner Obama.
That a usurpation has happened in our Country, given the protections outlined in the Constitution, means that fundamental components of the republic have been severely damaged and are broken–the monetary system, the proper role of a federal government, state sovereignty, national security, and individual responsibility.  A perfect storm.
A great deal of that destruction began during the year 1913, when the progressive era ushered in by Teddy Roosevelt became ‘reality’ with the arrival of Woodrow Wilson in March 1913.  Legislation and two Constitutional Amendments were rushed through in 1913 that would set the stage for the erosion of fundamental cornerstones and institutions of our Republic.
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