Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Supreme Court challenged to put Constitution above Twitter. Read World Net Daily's Key Article (11/24/2010)
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   States pursuing constitutional eligibility: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Texas. Let's work for 50 of 50! Click here to read the story.
>> COUNT DOWN TO COURT MARTIAL: IT'S TIME TO HELP TERRY: Click here for a Terry Lakin Action Week Summary and suggestions for the weeks before the court martial
>> Supreme Court challenged to put Constitution above Twitter. Read World Net Daily's Key Article (11/24/2010)
>> Listen to a new song dedicated to Terry: "It's Time to Know the Truth" by Patra. Click here to listen.
>> MUST READ: Diana West in the Washington Examiner: Obama's paltry paper trail raises serious questions. Nov 20, 2010 @ 9:05p
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>> Read the banned wikipedia article. Why was it removed?
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Updated 11/21/2010 by SOC Staff

Download our latest paper on Congressional blunders concering the Obama Birth Certificate
LTC Lakin faces lengthy prison term for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan
Obama Administration unleashes Army lawyers instead of releasing birth certificate
A vigorous communications effort may help Americans finally learn whether their president lawfully holds office. MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION TO THE FOUNDATION NOW.
Terry Lakin has now been officially charged in writing with two crimes.
  • The first is "Missing Movement" a serious crime in the nature of a felony for failing to deploy to Afghanistan.
  • The second is disobeying a direct order, and there are four specifications (separate instances) of this charge. Any soldier convicted on all charges and specifications would expect to be sentenced to years at "hard labor" in the penitentiary.
In facing court-martial, LTC Lakin is just the latest victim of the determined effort of the President not to provide simple proof of his eligibility under the constitution to hold office.

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