Sunday, November 28, 2010

MORE LIES FROM THE USURPER...Pray to ALLAH the BIBLE...NEVER!...Oh and don't blame the internet Barry...just look in the fraud!...

Obama: 'I Pray Every Night,' Reads Bible

President Obama says he prays every night, takes turns saying grace at every dinner with the First Family, and reads the bible. "Michelle and I have notobama,prays,every,night,bible,barbara,waltersonly benefited from our prayer life, but I think the girls have too," the president told Barbara Walters in an interview with him and First Lady Michelle Obama that aired Friday, The Hill reported.

Obama also told Walters he blamed the Internet for fueling suspicion of his relgious beliefs. A poll last summer showed one in five Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, compared to one in ten before he took office.

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  1. There are doubts that this "Constitutional Scholar" has ever read any of the Foundation Documents. If he did, it was while attending the short attention span theater.

    His dictatorial term in office has been full of treason and other big time felonies.

    Claiming he prays to anybody is pure BS.


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