Saturday, February 15, 2014


He has utterly destroyed the principles on which the country was founded. He has rendered the Constitution meaningless and usurped the authority of Congress with impunity. I believe he is blackmailing them with NSA intelligence data on their personal lives. What else explains their unwillingness to stand up for what is right? We are so screwed.
He needs to be impeached, but Congress is complicit with his deeds and will do nothing to stop this Obamination they knew was not eligible under the Constitution.
There is the rub. he is President of a private Corporation raiding the till of the real Constitutional government.

No more of a detestable character has ever shown his ugly head in politics. The Husseins of the world are simply unfit to be members of the human race, much less leaders of decent people.
Among the many costs of the Barack Obama presidency is an intentional corrosion for its own political gain of public faith in so many American institutions, among them Congress, the Supreme Court and the media.
If numerous sectors of society are feuding or distrustful of each other, then a well-controlled central authority like a chief executive can more easily rule the pieces. It's classic Chicago politics, classic Stalinism, and classic mob rule; the way the mayor there controls the city's feuding neighborhood fiefdoms of Democrat pols and workers.

Nothing has changed.. There was massive voter fraud in 2012. Now, the lamestream sycophantic press wants you to believe independents are shifting... Bull crap, the masses were already opposed to obOzO and his marxist/socialist overthrow of our government. Now they are in full damage control mode and making up stories to provide cover for themselves.  
I think everyone is in for a rude awakening in the mid-terms.
All those "Illegal immigrants" that got bused around the last election still have those false id's and are going to get paid to use them.
As for the immigrants they are still being promised the great lie of getting citizen ship after this.
The DEAD are going to rise up from they're graves and vote again!

 The greatest crime of all is one which all Americans are guilty of ..... allowing our elections to be influenced by vote tampering and voter fraud. Now we have been persuaded to use electronic voting machines which are programmed by companies owned by George Soros, Votes which are counted and tabulated outside our country and reported by other companies also owned by George Soros. How can any citizen of this country stand by and allow this charade to continue?
Congress needs to stop worrying about being called racists and the inevitable black eye the country will get by letting it be known the travesty of justice that has been forced on the American people in the name of PC, EO, or whatever you choose to call it. Whether obama is an American or not isn’t the problem now (it was but we are pass that), the problem is that as a sitting American president he is caustic to the American public. So what if he is the first half black president HE IS STILL A TERRIBLE PRESIDENT. He is one by one alienating our allies and making truces with our enemies. In his years as president he has done more to hurt the American causes and less to further them than any American president to include carter and Nixon. He and his gestapo type administration are increasingly tied to unconstitutional acts carried out against foreign as well as American citizens. He has gone back on most if not all of his presidential promises. His comment “I am president and can do what I want” is increasingly his one ounce of honesty out of his fraud of a life. Congress needs to grow a backbone and impeach him and oust this banana republic of a government we seem to have picked up from a gutter somewhere. But to lay the blame entirely on Obama wouldn’t be fair now would it? Congress our whinny congress. If the republicans and the democrats would stop their party line votes and start voting what is really best for the country would go a long way to fixing some of our problems. Stop the in party bickering. If they were my kids I would have beat their collective butts by now and the same with the democrats. I spent 20 years serving and following the orders of those appointed over me but I am afraid that the democratic party will be the next ANC and instead of Mandela necklaces it will be obama neckties or some such crap thought up by third world dictators and face it…Obama is turning into a third world dictator.

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