Monday, February 24, 2014

Possible Scuba Divers in Loretta Fuddy Crash????????

[Watch] Video Shows Possible Scuba Divers in Loretta Fuddy Crash

There were nine people on board the airplane that went down resulting in the death of B. Hussein Obama’s woman on the inside at the Hawaii Department of Health.
This video copy of the actual GoPro camera footage taken during the post crash and rescue periods shows what looks like a couple of scuba divers or some other unidentified persons or things in the water. They weren’t supposed to be there according to this report.
Maybe there is a rational explanation for what this is. It’s also possible that during the delayed response time some nefarious person did a little swimming. The creator of the video points out a couple of other curiosities, and there seems to be some interesting discrepancies, not the least of which being the recovery of more people than were on the flight to begin with.
There are also timing discrepancies which she points out between rescue efforts and the public reporting of information.
The video evidence is most compelling, very interesting and hard to simply “explain away.”

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