Friday, February 28, 2014

It’s the greatest scam of all time.

How can a leader who is the biggest, boldest, most unconscionable liar in American national history be viewed as a purveyor of truth when he lives a life of deceit, deception, dishonesty and secrecy?
He relies on misconception on top of misconception in order to appear to be constitutionally legitimate.  He was strongly backed to attempt the greatest con in the history of the world, -to make like the emperor with no cloths and march out before the adoring masses (including 95% of African Americans and 100% of all Democrats) and pretend that he was undoubtedly eligible to be President, -with none of the opposition willing to call him on his scam, including his opponent, the pathetically compromised “Republican” John McLame, nor any of the traitorous cowards sitting as supreme court judges.

As a result, he has been able to float on a wave of unquestioned, unvetted acceptance throughout his life by, on one hand, boldly pretending to be a native-born American national while on the other pretending to be solely an Indonesian national.  He’s had it both ways, factually and politically, (taking opposite positions as Senator than as President) -as well as sexually [google Larry Sinclair & Obama, -or don't].
No one has ever pulled off a fraud of such magnitude that it went unchallenged all of the way into the oval office where he was handed the nuclear “football” with which he could end human life as we know it.  It’s the greatest scam of all time.  Someday, perhaps, that fact will be recognized publicly, but not while the current state of the nation stands.  Perhaps only dire calamity will open people’s eyes to the falsehoods they go about their lives blind to.
  •     Falsehood  # 1.  All native-born persons, except ambassador’s children, are citizens.
  •     Falsehood  #2.  All native-born “citizens” are eligible to be President.
  •     Falsehood  #3.  Barry Obama was native-born.
  •     Falsehood  #4.  Barry Obama was born a citizen of the United States.
  •     Falsehood  #5.  Barry Obama has an archived Hawaiian hospital Certificate of Live Birth
  •     Falsehood  #6.  Barry Obama’s parents lived together as a married couple.
  •     Falsehood  #7.  Barry Obama’s official ID was not his Indonesian passport alone.
  •     Falsehood  #8.  Barry Obama’s mother lived in Hawaii during all of her pregnancy.
  •     Falsehood  #9.  Barry Obama’s mother was not living in Seattle when he was born.
  •     Falsehood #10. Barry Obama’s mother didn’t seek adoption in Hawaii, Seattle, or Vancouver, B.C.
  •     Falsehood #11.  Barry Obama Soetoro possessed an American passport.
  •     Falsehood #12. Barry Obama Soetoro registered with the Selective Service System.
  •     Falsehood #13. Barry Obama Soetoro registered for college as a U.S. citizen.
  •     Falsehood #14  Barry Obama is proven to have fulfilled all requirements for graduation.
  •     Falsehood #15. Barry Obama is proven to have personally taken and passed the Illinois Bar Exam.
  •     Falsehood #16  Barry Obama can be assumed to have authored all of the text of his 1st book.
  •     Falsehood #17. Barry Obama never passed himself off as having been born in Kenya.
  •     Falsehood #18. Barry Obama’s claim that you can keep your health insurance and your doctor.
by Adrien Nash  Feb. 2014  http://obama–

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