Monday, February 17, 2014

Assuming the U.S. Senate just because its controlled by the Democratic party would never remove Obama under a Disability Impeachment process or trial certainly demands the thought process that EVERY single Democratic Party U.S. Senator is 1) Condoning the use of fabricated long form birth certificates 2) Condoning the use and fabrication or theft of social security numbers 3) Condoning the manipulation of past records of identity like draft registration and college records

DIVIDING A NATION - The Republican Roll Out as Birther Barrage goes Main-Stream

Defending what Obama is doing by not holding a hearing on Obama's national security breach, or the standard of the natural born citizen qualification in the Constitution for the Office of the President, is essentially exactly what Republicans need to keep doing in order to lose. Rand Paul declared the Republican party may not win the Presidency again in his lifetime.

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