Monday, February 10, 2014

If Obama’s Numbers Don’t 
Match There’s a Problem
By Linda Jordan

"Obama's original certificate of live birth is bound with one ledger containing 499 other certificates of people born in Hawaii in 1961, according to [Chiyome]Fukino. [former Director of Hawaii Department of Health] There are 500 sheets per book, and 35 volumes of 1961 birth records. The last series of digits in the registration number found on Hawaiian long form and current computerized-format birth certificates indicate which number volume the original document can be found inside the health department first-floor vault."

Let’s look at those numbers.

Here are the Certificate numbers on Obama’s Short & Long Form Birth records.

  • Short Form computer generated ‘Certification of Live Birth’        No. 151 1961 010641
  • Original Long Form ‘Certificate of Live Birth’                              No. 151    61   10641

The numbers don’t match. The ‘Certification of Live Birth’ has 3 more numbers than the ‘Certificate of Live Birth’. On the original birth certificate the number is called a File Number instead of a Certificate No. which makes sense because, as Fukino stated, that number also tells DOH employees in what file, what bound book or ledger they will find the original birth certificate in.

Will the original ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ please stand up? What file or ledger or bound book is it in? 010641 OR 10641 ? How can one original birth certificate be located in two different addresses?


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