Tuesday, February 18, 2014

 AUG. 7, 1974 
by Jeff Lichter

Very few will remember but on this date some 39 years ago, three Republican Senators in an urgent and historic meeting that they demanded at the White House called on President Richard Nixon to resign or face impeachment.  All three, Barry Goldwater and John Rhodes of Arizona and Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania discarded partisanship labels and went as Americans to do what was right and needed for everyone in the country regardless of political affiliations.  The very next day, Richard Nixon finally faced up to what he had to do and became the first President of the United States to ever resign.  Nixon’s approval rating was reportedly down to 23% at the time.
The time has come again for a replay of this kind of event  but this time it is the Democrats who need to show the heroism and real patriotism by calling on one of their own to leave.  They need to act as Americans with the same courage that it took from Goldwater, Rhodes, and Scott.  But who will they be? If anyone?
Obama’s approval rating is reportedly in the mid to high 30’s at present.  It would be very fair to say that if he had the media opposing him as they did Nixon,  Obama’s rating would also be much lower in the same area that Nixon’s was.  Except for Fox News and talk radio in general, Obama currently maintains a stranglehold on the rest of the media in this country which for whatever reason remains biased in his favor. 
Nixon’s crash was related to one very serious event even todays ill-informed voters can cite that being Watergate of course.  There is no defending the crime that Watergate was and the lies and crimes that surrounded it during the more than two year cover-up.  There is also no defending the unequalled lack of transparency, the lies and the crimes that have occurred during the multitude of unresolved scandals under Obama and his administration.  Any informed American, Democrat or Republican, is and should be disturbed by what has happened in regard to the NSA spying on each and every American with a telephone and email; the IRS scandalous targeting of enemy conservative groups symbolized by Lois Lerner’s pleading of the 5th amendment and so similar to how Nixon tried to use the IRS to target his enemies; the lies and false cover-up stories involved in the Benghazi tragedy; the lies and constant re-writing of the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare by executive order instead of legislative re-write and on and on.  The lies and the crimes do not stop there but the point should have been already made that the sum total of the cost of these scandals easily surpasses  the great damage put upon the nation by Watergate. We are all forever harmed by these kind of actions regardless of our political leanings or who we may have voted for in the last elections.
In conclusion, this is a calling out for any objective and heroic Democrats who as Americans want to help save the United States of America as we have always known it?  Where are you?  Who are you?

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