Thursday, July 10, 2014

I just got this from a reliable senior border patrol source in San Diego.  He trusts me to get the word out to the public.   The media is NOT reporting these disturbing numbers from the first 3 flights of Central American illegal aliens  caught in Texas and flown into San Diego for quick processing and release. 
Here are the numbers he just gave me out of the approximately 420 Central American illegal aliens, mostly women and children, on the first 3 flights into San Diego.  There were processed (and released) at Chula Vista BP station and other stations in San Diego.
100+  Number that have been diagnosed with scabies.
Multiple children had fevers
Several children coughing up blood with fevers (suspected TB)
Unconfirmed possible cases of H1N1
5  BP agents now diagnosed with scabies from processing the aliens; other agents have also been exposed and possibly infected.
They are just reinvesting them over and over.  They treat them and immediately put them in the decontaminated cells which is terrible.  Also bottles aren't being sanitized, blankets are being shared, it's bad.  The people from the first 2 planes are long gone.  They don't care at all.  They are just releasing them.  No relief in sight.  Rumor is they will be increasing the number of flights into San Diego”.   – San Diego Border Patrol Source
I’ll pass along more Intel as I get it in.  Keep in mind, all of these aliens are being processed and treated quickly for their illnesses and released into the general public in San Diego and other cities where they are going to meet family or friends, most likely your city too.  The next plane load of 140 aliens is due in San Diego Thursday morning at 10am.  Call your Congressman and tell them to stop these flights into San Diego and El Centro.  These sick aliens need to be quarantined in Texas and not shipped to California and Arizona to infect our communities with dangerous diseases.
Jeff Schwilk
Border & Immigration Security Analyst
San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition

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