Thursday, July 3, 2014

WELCOME TO OBAMALAND...Obama has imbibed the culture of death and destruction endemic in the Muslim world. It has been emboldened because of his leftist, socialist, Marxist, and/or communist leanings, but the end result is the same: the death of opportunity, of creativity, of beauty, of vision, of life itself. That is the legacy of Obama, and the sooner more Americans see this pattern of ruin, the sooner the call for impeachment must come. And, yes, I am sick and tired of hearing we cannot impeach the First Caucasian Black President. If he breaks the law, he is to be treated the same way as any other American. He is not to be above the law.

Obama and the Culture of Death Eileen F. Toplansky Barack Obama's devotion to death does not end (or even begin) with abortion. More
Problems with Risky Climate Projections Sierra Rayne The more we look into the climate science of Bloomberg and colleagues, the more problems we seem to find. More

Welcome to the End of Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Dan Joppich A doctor or hospital has the obligation to treat all patients the same, but a government computer hasn’t taken the same oath. More

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