Friday, February 1, 2013

Barack Obama allowed his provisional Kenyan citizenship to expire, while assuming that his supposed American citizenship would be preferrable. But there is no law by which he ever possessed American citizenship. Nor is there any contitutionally legitimate Supreme Court opinion which allows U.S. citizenship for off-spring born on U.S. soil to foreign Visa-card visitors. But he chose to have it both ways in a sense since he labeled himself for perhaps two decades as being Kenyan-born, and thus assumedly a naturalized Kenyan-American, when it fact he knew that he was neither.

Is Obama Jr. a Caucasian Kenyan?

~the enormously significant answer
Mariah Carey is Caucasian.  Vanessa Williams is Caucasian.  Haley Barry is Caucasion.  Barack Obama is Caucasian.  None of them are Negroes.
Who says so?  I say so.  And who has any standing to contest what I say?  No one, unless they have some facts that refute my claim.

What facts might they offer?  They might argue that just because they had a Caucasian parent or grandparent, -that does not make them Caucasian.  To which one must reply that neither does having a Negro parent or grandparent make them Negro.
So if they can’t legitimately be called either of those two possibilities, then what exactly are they and what should they be called?  To what natural group do they belong?
Can the Peach family claim Nectarines belong to it?  Or does the Plum family own that right?  Of course it’s neither.  Nectarines are a combination of both, being a hybrid that belongs to neither group.

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