Thursday, January 31, 2013

IF everyone who visits GUL today would send Linda just $5...she would be able to cover this outrageous penalty imposed by this OBOT judge...

Raised: $815.00 Goal: $12,675.00

The Maricopa County Sheriff Department has presented credible evidence that the birth certificate Barack Obama posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 was forged.
My own research confirmed that Hawaii law requires signatures on birth certificates to be in permanent ink. The signature of Obama’s mother, on that purported birth certificate, is partly ink and partly a computer created signature. This compilation means the signature was forged.
Research proves that the Social Security Number Obama is using is phony.
Obama used this fake ID to prove he was eligible to be President. It got him on the ballot and into the White House. This is fraud in the least, treason at worst.
A crime has been committed right in front of our eyes and federal agents turned a blind eye to it. So I tried to do something, and, like roughly 59 other concerned Americans nationwide, I filed a lawsuit to try and stop him.
The lawsuit was filed because I fear for America’s future. I took this task very seriously spending a great deal of time on research and preparation. I presented substantial evidence that Barack Obama is using forged identity documents. The court ignored this evidence and mocked my efforts. Obviously, a nerve was hit. They sanctioned me with almost $13,000 in fines for exercising my right to request an evidentiary hearing and labeled my concerns "frivolous".  In a time when prisoners can sue if they don’t like the texture of their peanut butter and their cases are heard, this case is deemed “frivolous” and by what standard?
It would be a hardship to pay this fine and I am reluctantly asking for any assistance you can offer.
I am a homemaker from Washington State. An ordinary woman, married for 34 years, raised three children. I am not sure how to continue this battle but will explore all options. I urge you to do the same. Ordinary is the new brave. Truth is the new hate speech. America needs you. Have courage, be brave, and then do whatever you can.

Sincerely and in defense of our country,
Linda Jordan Sig
Commander Charles Kerchner - Linda Jordan is a true patriot and has worked tirelessly to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, as is the right and duty of every U.S. Citizen.  Her research has helped expose and document the felony identity fraud of Barack Hussein Obama. The monetary sanctions against her are outrageous.   This sanction is nothing more than an attempt to silence the defenders of liberty. We are now dealing with a tyrannical government which is out to punish citizens who speak up about Obama’s crimes.  Please do whatever you can to help. Make a donation to her fund to help pay the egregious sanction placed on her by the Obama controlled courts for simply standing up for our natural and constitutional rights.  CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret),
To read the filings and motions go to case No.12-2-01763-5 at Thurston County Superior Court and case No.87837-4 at Washington State Supreme Court.
You can listen to Linda Jordan discuss her plight with Mark Gillar on the Tea Party Power Show 

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