Friday, January 25, 2013

Video:‘Obama’s Enemies List’:An Indispensable Book For All Conservatives

Picture this:
Secret agents patrolling the streets with a massive web of neighborhood snitches feeding them information about all those who oppose the Leader.
Intimidation by any means necessary for anyone who opposes anything deemed good for the State.
We’re talking about 1930s Germany,right?
Nope. Try 2009 and 2010 when Barack Obama was ramming socialized medicine—what later became known as ObamaCare—down the throats of Americans.
Team Obama regularly sent out emails to his millions of supporters that made Hitler’s Brown Shirts in 1930s Germany pale in comparison to the number of agents.
As Floyd Brown’s new conservative blockbuster Obama’s Enemies List:How Barack Obama Intimidated America and Stole the Election describes it:
Obama put out a call to the youth of America and told them he needed their help. He needed them to be strong,and loyal,and “turn in” anybody who wasn’t shouting “yes we can” to a “fundamentally changed America.” The president’s team went all in on the initiative. A website was launched. Social media leaders were mobilized. Young people and old were “authorized” to listen in on conversations with family members,friends at coffeehouses,strangers on the subway. And if anything “suspect” was overheard,these newly deputized enforcement officers were to send an email to,and rest easy again knowing those high-level functionaries in the White House would take appropriate action.

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