Monday, January 14, 2013


Sandy Hook — 13 January 2013
Sandy Hook Scam Confirmed: Hard Evidence of Foreknowledge?
Updated: January 14, 12:00 a.m.
Sandy Hook was staged. The purpose is to rob Americans of their guns and force them deeper into tyranny. It is also to create a cover-up for the Fast and Furious debacle, where both the Holder Justice Department and the Obama White House will likely be brought up on murder charges. That crisis involved gun running by the Obama White House, which led to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, along with hundreds of others. It was Terry who was murdered while protecting this country by Holder’s Fast and Furious guns.
To bury the crimes of the Obama regime a cover-up, a scam of unprecedented proportions, was required, and Sandy Hook achieved this. Bit by bit brave Americans, as well as foreign nations, have systematically revealed this scam. They are to be commended for their efforts, many of them researching relentless in their search for not only truth but also justice.

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