Saturday, January 19, 2013

Obama and the Communists are the lap dogs of the dons of the media who are members of a larger mafia of malfeasant miscreants within the Bilderberg elitists and their related, narcissist cabals. They control the narrative, so they can ignore/deflect rightful concern and criticism of issues like Ft. Hood, Fast and Furious and the Benghazi massacre while generating attacks against those who stand for morality, ethics and principles.

We now live under the tyranny of 546 monarchs and ‘monarchettes’ within our Federal government and their gutless accomplices who lurk in the shadows of society

A Lightning Bolt of Insight Regarding Obama and the Media!

- A.J. Cameron 

Amazing things happen when you pray to the Holy Spirit for vision and clarity.  If you are old enough to remember enjoying playing with a kaleidoscope, you know how a slight twist of a wrist can dramatically alter the view.  After reading several emails from CFP friends and hearing several comments on talk radio, I enjoyed a lightning bolt of insight regarding Obama and the media.

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