Sunday, January 20, 2013


Exclusive: Joseph Farah pinpoints astounding irony of latest executive orders
By Joseph Farrah @ WND

What’s the definition of irony?

How about a sitting president who, after four years, has provided next to zero validated information about himself demanding that citizens of the United States undergo more federal background checks to exercise their most basic Second Amendment rights?

That’s just one of the outrages I find in the 23 executive orders issued by the White House designed to discourage law-abiding U.S. citizens from purchasing firearms for their own self-defense and to ensure that tyrants like himself have a monopoly on force in our country.

Sure he wants background checks on all firearms purchases. Why? Because the government wants to know where all the guns are. Never mind that the tragedy that prompted this government and media hysteria for more gun control would not have been averted with all the background checks in the world. The shooter stole his weapon.

But turnabout is fair play.

Background checks?

I think the American people deserve to see some background checks on Barack Obama.

Here’s what most Americans would like to see:

  • his travel and passport records; -his academic transcripts;
  • his records on how he jumped from Occidental College to Columbia and Harvard Law School;
  • the records on who paid for his education;
  • his health records;
  • his school records that would establish his whereabouts from the time he was 5 until he entered Occidental College;
  • his immigration records to determine if he ever gave up his U.S. citizenship during his travels and years living in Indonesia;
  • his Social Security records to determine how and why the number he is using was issued by the state of Connecticut, a jurisdiction his official biography claims he never lived in;
  • his Selective Service registration records; -his adoption records;
  • and, of course, his legitimate birth records, which, according to the only law enforcement investigation ever conducted on the matter determined those he has produced are fraudulent.


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