Sunday, January 27, 2013


Video Update: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Lead Investigator Mike Zullo; 
Newly Found Evidence Will Convince Greatest Skeptic 
Document Is 100% Forgery; The Evidence Is Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lead Obama investigator Mike Zullo appeared on Carl Gallups' radio show Freedom Friday. Zullo repeated that the Obama investigation never stopped and that the only thing that stopped is the media coverage around the investigation....

Zullo says; "We are so convinced... let me go out on limb... I am going to put my reputation out there that we have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt--the higher standard--beyond  a reasonable doubt that this document is an utter forgery."

Zullo also says; "the evidence we have acquired, new found evidence that we have never made public at any point in time, and we are not going to make public until we have the right opportunity, will convince even the greatest skeptic that this document is 100% a forgery."

Much more in the interview. The segments regarding the Obama investigation in one video here:

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