Wednesday, January 30, 2013

“To kill, or not to kill, American citizens”.

WAKE UP AMERICA!! The FBI is not sure if Obama can kill us!! .. By Fred Brownbill.

By Fred Brownbill on January 27, 2013 in Constitution Legal Watch

I have been watching some reports on various recent hearings and several really stood out.  These two reports and videos I am linking below are some that every American needs to watch.
Number 1:
The Obama administration, which to many of us (me included)  is illegal and therefore the laws and actions they pass and take are illegal, has followed a policy of drone assassinations in foreign countries, often without that countries approval or permission.  The sovereignty of that country means nothing at all to our so called usurper, he who would be King, Barack Hussein Obama.  (Please note he removed the Hussein part in his hopefully but not for sure last coronation.) 
Some of the victims of these attacks have been American Citizens, and while I am not saying that their individual actions or purported crimes did not deserve the death penalty, they were entitled to one thing as American Citizens, Due Process.  That means arrest, a Grand Jury, a Trial, a Finding and a Sentence from the Courts.  This is what set America up in the world as different and fair.
To make things worse, the most powerful Law Enforcement Officer in the land, our AG, the extremely racist, complicent, lying, Marxist Mr Eric Holder, has been in front of several panels to explain that the Obama Administration is fully entitled and  legally able to do just that. 
Does that mean that because Obama fears someone with extremist Right Wing Views (to him anyway) is a danger to his evil and Progressive political agenda, that a drone can just take that person out as he ploughs his corn fields or drives home from work or the stores right here in any of the 50 States? (Or was that 57?)
Now we have the FBI Director fudging an answer to a very direct question, one to which I am sure that he knows the answer but is scared to tell the truth, and one that requires only  a YES or NO answer.  That question was one that asks if American citizens could be murdered (assassinated) on or in American soil by a command from Obama, and he said he was not sure?????
America, WAKE UP. 
The FEMA Camps are ready, laws have and are being written by Eric Holder, and Barack Hussein Obama is poised to destroy the Constitution once and for all.  He is an egomaniac and desires to be a Dictator.  State sanctioned assassinations and arrests and imprisonment, all without a trial or an ending date for release, will become a part of his agenda, just as in history, every other Dictator has used the same policy to install fear into the people that they rule over.
Fellow Americans, You Must Watch This !!! From Fox (FAUX)News – “To kill, or not to kill, American citizens”.
Those of you who associate yourselves with the immortal words of Patrick Henry,
“GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH,”  may soon have to make that very  choice.  
This is serious !  We in the U.S. are right now where Germany was in 1933 when Hitler came to power, and remember he was elected with a big majority and what he did was “Legal!”.

With all the talk, chatter and inane left wing rants going on in America today on the Second Amendment and a strong desire to disarm the American Public prevalent among all the main stream media and Politicians of both so called Political parties, I believe that so called military excersises like the one shown in a filmed link below, are not a coincidence. 
Many local Police Departments, as well as the majority of Sheriff Departments, have whored themselves out for Federal Grants, many having a full time employee or two engaged in getting as much “FREE” Federal Grant money that they can.  (There is no such thing as free money, it is OUR money and always comes with ties!) 
With this money, they have become para-military Police forces, buying tanks, armored vehicles, high powered weapons, facial recognition softwear in cruisers, military styled protectional and camo clothing, surveillance equipment like cameras etc to follow free Americans as they go about on their normal days and red light cameras to raise revenues.  
Because of the ties and committments made when getting these grants, they have in many instances become SLAVES of the Federal Government, there to do their bidding at the drop of a hat or an order from the usurper in the Peoples House,  Barack Hussein Obama.
The film link below shows one such excersise, being done with military and police co-operation, all in the name of our security, and causing much disturbance to the tax payers in Miami.  They throw the word security out there all the time to make us feel safe.  I do not know about you, but to me, heavily armed law enforcement tanks etc and military patrols and excersises in my back yard, do not make me feel safer, but are all causes for concern about my safety from this and previous corrupt Administrations.  They make me aware of future attacks on my personal liberty and my constitutional rights as a God Blessed American Citizen. They do not give me peace.
This crap is intended to subdue the sheep, (us) to make us even more compliant than we have become, to inure us to having military, commandos, tanks and APVs rolling up and down our streets.  This is happening all over our country.  The more people see it, the more NORMAL it becomes.
Folks, it is now over due time to band together with groups of like mind.  Not groups like some Tea Party groups that have been overtaken and indoctrinated from the inside by the GOP. ( You know who they are by the endorsements they made in the last elections.)   
Groups like The Save America Foundation, Oath Keepers,  The Tenth Amendment Center and ACT.  We are all working hard for you, independant of any Political Party or funding from them.  We depend on you and your donations for our un-politically correct voices to continue being heard and for us to continue educating conservatives and Patriots country wide. 
We will NOT comply.  We will not consent.

Just my free opinion folks!
In Liberty and freedom……………………………Fred Brownbill.

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