Monday, January 28, 2013

"This is much bigger than Benghazi."


4-page Executive Summary re: Benghazi 9/11 attack -  A distillation of 120 pages of unclassified cables from Libya to the Obama White House, State Dept. and other federal agencies, prepared by investigative journalist and columnist JB Williams (phone number available upon request) and a team of legal and military professionals. "This is much bigger than Benghazi," Williams says.

Notated Unclassified State Dept. Cables
Disseminate information to the public and Congress via contacts in the conservative media to apply continued pressure on Congress to continue Benghazi investigation.
Summary excerpt:

Inline image 1
I received the Executive Summary and notated cables via Michigan radio broadcaster Brian Sommerfield (231.347.4382), co-host of the popular conservative talk program "Your Defending Fathers" in Petoskey, MI, who interviewed JB Williams for two hours the day before Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's testimony before Senate and House Committees.

The interview can be heard at:
scroll to program # 20130124  h101 (hour 1)
# 20130124  h102 (hour 2)

The Executive Summary and notated documents have been distributed to the mainstream press, none of it reported to date.
Below: Scribd versions of the attached docs.
Please give the Executive Summary wide distribution and exposure.
Thank you.
Andrea Shea King

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