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Americans fought a war to end slavery. Will we have to fight to resist becoming slaves?
Americans Are Losing Their Freedom

 By Alan Caruba Full Story
February 1st was National Freedom Day. It commemorates Lincoln’s signing of the House and Senate resolution that later became the 13th Amendment. Lincoln signed the Amendment outlawing slavery on February 1, 1865.


  1. Replying to the NUTTY "born-in-Kenya" stories on the right of this page:

    The “born in Kenya” story is the height of the loony side of the birther movement. It is based on alleged birth certificates, like that of Lucas D. Smith, and falsifications–such as the claim that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said that he was born in Kenya—when she actually said right on the same tape that he was born IN HAWAII, and she said in another interview that the first that her family in Kenya had heard of Obama’s birth was in a letter FROM HAWAII.

    Lucas D. Smith claimed that he went to Kenya and got Obama’s birth certificate at a hospital in Mombasa. But Lucas D. Smith has constantly refused to show proof that he, Smith, had ever gone to Kenya. All that he would have to do would be to show a Kenya stamp on a page of a passport, but Lucas D. Smith has refused to do that, constantly, and he has also constantly refused to say why he will not show that proof.

    Laying aside for a moment the overwhelming proof that Obama was born in Hawaii, the evidence that Obama was NOT born in Kenya is also very strong. There were a grand total of 21 people who came to the USA from Kenya in 1961. Of these only seven were US citizens. And the birther myth has always been that Obama’s parents went there and returned by plane, but only one person came to the USA from Kenya in hawaii obama birth notices 1961 by plane and that person was, wait for it, NOT a US citizen.

    And Obama’s father did not go to Kenya in 1961 either (making it unlikely that his mother did, since travel late in pregnancy was rare, and even more rare without the husband going along). WND has proved with a FOI Act request that Obama senior stayed in Hawaii throughout 1961.

    And the Kenyan government investigated the “born in Kenya” story, and found that it was not true.

    “Jon Chessoni, a first secretary at the Kenyan Embassy in Washington, can’t understand why his office gets so many baseless questions about whether Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

    “It’s madness,” said Chessoni on Monday.“His father, in 1961, would not even have been in Kenya. When this matter first came up, the Kenyan government did its research and confirmed that these are all baseless claims.”” …

  2. Continuing:

    Obama has a Hawaii birth certificate that says that he was born in Hawaii, in Kapiolani Hospital, and the officials of both parties in Hawaii have confirmed that fact. It is also confirmed by the birth announcement in the Hawaii newspapers in 1961, which were sent to the papers only by the DOH of Hawaii.

    Obama’s birth announcement appeared in a section of the newspapers called Health Bureau Statistics. As the name indicates, and as the papers and the DOH also say, ONLY the DOH of Hawaii could send birth notices to the Health Bureau Statistics section of the paper. And the DOH only sent out those notices for children that it had issued birth certificates for, and in 1961 the DOH was not allowed to register the births of children who were not born in Hawaii.

    Oh, and there is this: …

    Is that all? NO there is more.

    Birthers allege that the Kenyan government has hidden all documents that prove that Obama’s mother went to Kenya. Well, that is possible, but not likely—such things tend to leak. But what about the US government? Did it hide its records too?

    That is because, obviously, if a child were born in Kenya she or he would need a US travel document to get to the USA. We simply do not allow a child to be carried into the USA without some form of official document. (Except some are smuggled across the Mexican and Canadian borders, but Kenya does not have a land border with the USA.) And a US travel document, such as having Obama added to his mother’s US passport would have required an application for that document in the US consulate in Nairobi Kenya.

    That application would have been filed in multiple files, and there would have been communication about it with Washington, so it would be difficult to be lost or scrapped. And the Bush Administration was in charge of the US State Department for eight years until early 2009, so they could have found it, and if they did they would surely have shown it, and they didn’t.

    So, for the “born in Kenya” story to be true, both Kenya and the Bush Administration must be part of a plot. Hawaii too, of course, and that would include the former Republican governor of Hawaii. And the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers that were placed by the DOH in the Hawaii newspapers (and only the DOH could put notices into the Health Bureau Statistics section of the papers) in 1961 would have to be fraudulent too.

    And, Kenya is about ten thousand miles from Hawaii, and the idea that Obama’s parents had that kind of money (Obama’s American grandfather was a furniture salesman and his grandmother was just a low-level employee in a bank at the time) or would spend it on a trip while Obama’s mother was late in pregnancy (which was very rare in those days) and take the risk of stillbirth and Yellow Fever (which was endemic in Kenya, and a Yellow Fever shot is bad during pregnancy) is nutty in the extreme.

    The bottom line: There is no proof that Obama’s mother went to Kenya and it is highly unlikely that she did. The Kenyan government and Obama’s relatives both say that he was NOT born there. If he were born in Kenya there would have to be US government documents saying that his family applied for a passport or a visa, and there aren’t any. There is no INS check in for Obama or his mother (which would normally have taken place in New York, since there were no direct flights, and those files are not missing), and the birth certificate and the confirmation of the officials of both parties and the Index Data and the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers all show that he was born in Hawaii. Oh, and we do not even know whether Obama’s mother had a passport in 1961 (and very very few 18-year-olds did), and finally the US Immigration and Naturalization Service report for 1961 shows that a grand total of 21 people came to the USA from Kenya that year, and all but one of them by ship---and there were no regular ships from Kenya to Hawaii in 1961.

  3. Re: "Indonesian citizen" claim on the right of this page.

    A call to the Indonesian Embassy (Phone (202) 775 - 5200 and ask for the press officer) will convince rational people that Obama was never an Indonesian citizen.

  4. Re: Zullo (pictured on the right), Sheriff Joe, and the Cold Cse Posse:


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