Sunday, June 15, 2014

It isn’t the Free World that has gone mad. Dropping all pretense of being otherwise, Barack Hussein Obama has gone totally rogue. It is not only self-serving Congress allowing the anarchy of Obama, but the Mainstream media propagandizing a softer image of him. Elected officials who refuse to take a stand for the population they were elected to serve and mainstream media scribes propagandizing Obama’s image should hang their heads in shame, but, like Obama, never will.

Escape from the madness of Obama starts with recognizing exactly what and who he is: Obama is the ideologue responsible for unleashing America’s enemies against her

Obama unleashing America’s Enemies

By Judi McLeod  June 15, 2014 

Is it mainly because America is—against all odds—still boldly standing even after the unprecedented abuse raining down on it from the dysfunctional 44th ‘president’ of the USA that Obama is unleashing all enemies on her?
Even with ObamaCare knocking millions of average people off vital health insurance; even in the face of Obama hollowing out a mighty American military the rest of the world depends on, ordinary Americans still dare to fight back against an out of control BHO.
So in his sixth painful year in office, Obama has unleashed their most vicious enemies against We the People.  In the space of only a few weeks, he’s released from Guantanamo detention the Taliban’s top five most dangerous terrorists; 37,000 illegal aliens found guilty by the courts,  including murderers and rapists; up to 120,000 ‘children‘ flooding the borders, many without parents and relatives; thrown in the towel on Iraq, allowing the takeover of major Iraqi cities by caliphate-seeking, al Qaeda offshoot ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant)—and now is allowing into the U.S. bloodthirsty Mexican gang members, including those from the dreaded Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).


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