Monday, June 30, 2014

Simi Valley, CA Impeach Obama Protest- 6-28-14

No wonder "Obama" hates those returning veterans- they know what life is about and can spot a fraud a continent away- even from Kalifornia!
At  the 118 1st St overpass again on Saturday 6/28- Dave is making it a regular thing. We had them lined up at West and East lanes, for a total of about 70 running feet of flags and signs. This is the best Simi protest attendance so far and the public was very responsive with honks, thumbs up and encouraging words., Only a very few almost rabid "haters" didn't like the protest.
July event in Ventura? Beach is inviting, weather is cooler, crowds are out and need educating! RSVP ....

Our hosts  today ...

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