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1. Obama has a stepfather in Kenya? 2. Obama has a living grandfather in Kenya? Who are these individuals?...

Barack Obama has a stepfather and a living grandfather in Kenya? Raila Odinga (Former Kenyan Prime Minister) recently spent nearly 3 months at Boston University where he slammed Barack Obama.

Raila_Amolo_Odinga_with_Barack_Obama_Michelle_Obama_boston university_museum
Photo data and credit:  President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with Raila Odinga and his wife, Ida. Official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson.
Readers of the WOBIK blog may, or may not, be aware that Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga recently spent more than nearly three (3) months in the United States at Boston University where he was in residence for the spring semester at Boston University’s African Presidential Center
It appears that Odinga left Kenya for the United States on March 9th (2014) and that he arrived back in Kenya May 31st (2014).
Odinga also gave a speech at Harvard University and in April he traveled to Atlanta and laid a wreath on Martin Luther King’s grave and visited the Martin Luther King Center where he addressed students from several universities.
Odinga also gave speeches at (or addressed) the following universities:
1.  Columbia University in New York
2.  Princeton University in New Jersey
3.  Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina
4.  University of Massachusetts.
His wife, Ida Odinga, who also travelled with Odinga to the United States, delivered a lecture at Wellesley University in Boston.
Raila Odinga asked the above cited universities to give more scholarships Kenyan students.
He also stated that in the next decade at least twelve (12) African nations will become large oil exporters injecting $3 trillion into their economies. Raila maintained that corruption is swallowing Africa’s potential, although leaders tend to dismiss concerns about it. He said that Africa loses $148 billion to corruption annually, equal to 25 percent of the continent’s GDP.
It should also be noted that in May he attended a global health summit in Atlanta, Georgia organised by CARE International.  Odinga said that Malari and HIV were down and secondary school enrollment and per capita income per person were rising.
In an interview (May 2014) at Boston University, published on 05.22.2014 by Susan Seligson at (link here), the following was stated by Raila Odinga:
It’s really unfortunate that Obama did not come to Kenya last year when he came to Africa. One hopes that he’ll come before his term is up. I would like to extend the invitation to him to come to Kenya. I think it would do Kenya good. He has his grandfather and stepfather here and in their lifetimes they really wish to receive one of their own while he is president.
When asked if President Obama’s Kenyan heritage has made any difference to Kenya he stated:   
It should have been a good selling point for Kenya, but I don’t think it has given Kenyans an advantage as one might have expected. Maybe Kenya has also by extension inherited some of Obama’s enemies.
In a Kenya Star article (which addressed the Boston University interview), titled Obama has not helped Kenya, Raila now claims and published on 05.26.2014 by Francis Mureithi the Kenyan report states:

FORMER Prime Minister Raila Odinga has slammed the Barack Obama administration, saying the US President has not helped Kenya, contrary to great expectations.

Obama has given Kenya a wide berth since he was elected America’s 44th President in November 2008.
During his first term, Obama made his first trip to Africa as president, visiting Ghana in 2009. After being reelected to serve his second and last term, Obama made a second trip to Africa last June, where he visited Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa. His term as US president will end on January 20, 2017.
Obama visited Kenya in 2006, shortly after he was elected to the Senate, but before he announced his 2008 run for the White House.
WOBIK Conclusion:
The Boston University interview, and Raila Odinga (and his wife, Ida) having recently spent nearly three (3) months in the United States at the University, is interesting enough (I had no idea that Odinga was in the United States and I certainly did not know that he was in residence this spring at Boston University) and it is plainly an undoubtedly noted that Barack Obama has physically disconnected himself from his birth place of Kenya ever since he announced his 2008 bid for President of the United States of America but I also found the following remark by Odinga to be thought-provoking:
He [president Barack Obama] has his grandfather and stepfather here [in Kenya] and in their lifetimes they really wish to receive one of their own while he is president.
Who are these individuals?
1.  Obama has a stepfather in Kenya?
2.  Obama has a living grandfather in Kenya?

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